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Adventure Travel Gallery - Nakum


Known as the House of the Pot and a Mesoamerican archaeological site, Nakum was a former city of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization.  But apart from that, it also served as a ceremonial center for the Mayans. Nakum is located in the north east portion of the Petén Basin region.

There are several significant Mayan sites in the northeastern Petén region and Nakum is said to be one of these three.  Generally, the three sites are Yaxha, Nakum and Naranjo which forming the Cultural Triangle of Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo.

Nakum is located roughly 17 kilometers or 10.6 miles north of Yaxha and 25 kilometers or 15.5 miles east of Tikal.  It also sits on the banks of Holmul River.

The main thing that makes Nakum interesting is the abundance of visibly-restored architecture.  It is also where one of the best-preserved outside of Tikal is found - the roof comb of the site's main temple structure.

Evidences tell that the occupation of city was during the Late Preclassic period of Mesoamerican chronology. It was during the Late Classic period dating 8th century – 10 century that Nakum particularly flourished owing to its strategic location which is north of Holmul River.  The Holmux River was once an important trade as well as communication route during this era.

The visible architecture which can be seen in Nakum already belongs to this period such as the 15 stelae, Structure A, structure C and Structure V.

Structure A has a triadic top and it forms along with Structure C as an astronomical complex. While Structure V have vertical walls and vaults. It shows the largest corpus of ancient Maya script graffiti in a Classic Maya site outside Tikal.

It was Maurice Perigny who rediscovered Nakum site in 1905. There have been several archaeological and restorative expeditions which have been conducted at the site after the rediscovery which also includes the restoration by Guatemalan authorities which started in the year 1990.

Nakum is a wonderful place if you want to be with nature, learn more about the Mayan civilization and their culture as well as discover magnificent Mayan ruins.

There are many exciting things to do in Nakum. You can go horseback riding, biking, see many different animals around and explore the site.

Nakum Adventure Travel Pictures

Below are some pictures which are taken from our Nakum adventure tour.  By viewing these pictures, you will see the natural beauty of Nakum, the serene and beautiful environment and the magnificent site which is filled with wonder and mystery.
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